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More Christmas Decorating

More Christmas Decorating - home as a place to meet the needs of space will be activities for the residents, there are some basic existing space in a house, the bedroom, study room or den, family room, room services such as a kitchen, and a terrace or a living room. in the blog Decorating Designs we will explain a lot of minimalist design houses to luxurious modern, for the moment we will discuss first on More Christmas Decorating

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More Christmas Decorating

Yesterday on my lunch hour I went to the thrift store and found some old ornaments. They're dated 1972 on the box. Hmmm I was 12 years old, I remember that Christmas. I got my first pair of skis! Any way, I thought they would be perfect in my beverage dispenser. I have to thank Tracy for this great idea. I turned the spout to the wall so it just looks like a beautiful jar now.
3 boxes of ornaments for $1.99 each. I had enough to add to the red balls that I have in my tiered dish. Every time I put pictures of this piece on my blog someone asks where I got it. When I was a kid we used to go to Disneyland every year (sometimes twice). My mom found this tiered dish at a shop that was in the New Orleans area of Disneyland. I was only about 5 years old but I remember how beautiful that little shop was. They had ceramic lemons in this on display. I've always loved this tiered dish and a couple years ago my mom gave it to me. It brought tears to my eyes because I know how much she loved it. I will always cherish it! It's a great piece to decorate with each season.
Here is one of the ornaments I bought a few years ago for my daughter. At that time she LOVED cupcakes.

My ex-mother-in-law gave me this ornament in the early 80s. The little lobster trap with the seagull I bought on my first trip to Martha's Vineyard in 1987.
This is a Santa that I bought a few years ago. I loved that he was blue and white.
And some cute little snowmen...
Santa on a rocking horse...
I just love unpacking all my ornaments each year and remembering who gave them to me or when I bought them. I still have the very first ornament I ever bought when I was 18 years old.

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